Important client

The  company has introduced several sets of international advanced  production and testing equipment, through the national patent  certificate issued by more than 10, through the national audit  certification ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system  operation, from the "quality of the achievements of the brand" concept  of development, the company has introduced several sets of international  advanced production and testing equipment Design,  manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning and other aspects of  the precise checks, strict testing, to ensure the quality of reliable to  provide reliable protection. Long's  products with a new design, reliable quality, simple operation,  reasonable structure and other advantages, to fully meet the  requirements of modern power equipment construction, to win the industry  experts and our customers praise, thus becoming the major medium-sized  power equipment companies and related institutions Specify the supplier. We  have successively with Xi'an Aerospace Engine Factory, China Aviation  Aircraft Co., Ltd., ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Jiangsu Huapeng, Wolong  Electric, Qianjiang Electric, Shanghai Weiran Automobile, Shanghai  Jingjin Electric, Jiangsu Huachen, Jiangsu Juli, , Shandong Luneng beyond, Shanghai and so on hundreds of industry giant reached a strategic cooperation. At  the same time, but also exported to Pakistan, South Korea, Ukraine,  Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Uganda, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia,  Turkey, Kazakhstan and so on dozens of countries for the global  transmission and distribution business to make a significant  contribution!