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Iron core cut line

Kerosene gas drying equipment

Dimensional core winding machine

Vacuum (pressure) impregnation equipment

Epoxy Resin Vacuum (Pressure) Pouring Equipment - Static Mixing

Vacuum drying equipment

Foil Coil Winding Machine

The above equipment is mainly used for electrical, military, automotive, electronics and other industries. Mainly used in the production of transformers, transformers, reactors, motors, high pressure casing and other products.

Into Longgong

Jiangsu Longgong  Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in April 2010 in Pizhou ,Xuzhou, the  company now has a professional production plant nearly 10,000 square  meters, more than 150 employees,55 senior engineering and technical  personnel. Company leaders and key personnel have 20 years of experience in manufacturing and installing vacuum equipment related to power transformers.


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